Hello Wise Fool Community,


The well-being of our coaches, staff and the community that we serve is one of our highest priorities. As we have been closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and working hard to meet the standards of complying with the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel all studio classes and programming until April 6.


This means that our new session of studio classes will go from April 6-May 15, with a break from April 26-May 3. All passes that were bought for the session starting March 16, will be valid to use for this upcoming session. 


For open trainers: While our programming will be cancelled, we’d also like to offer our open trainers time and space to explore movement in the studio! Wise Fool will be opened for training on Wednesday and Saturday from 10AM-4PM

We value the community at large and want to do our best to support the health of our students and coaches. We feel this is the most responsible thing to do. However, during this time we also need YOUR support. Closing our doors will cause a significant strain on the well-being of Wise Fool and our coaches. 

Please make a donation to fill in the gaps of the programming we can’t run. Here are some ways you can help support Wise Fool financially during this unstable time: 


Any monetary contribution will be helpful!

Stickers from the merch table —$5

One open studio drop in — $10

A missed ground class of 1 student — $15

An hour of lost studio rental — $30

Pay a coach for a class they couldn’t teach — $50

A missed aerials class of 4 students — $96 

The equivalent of one students Spring Break Camp income – $285

We are grateful to have our community in this strange and unique moment in time. Thank you so much for your continuous support!

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