Repertory Shows for Youth & Families

Our repertory performances are available to a wide range of venues. They’re great for schools, libraries, community centers and outdoor festivals.

A Look Inside

Wise Fool's Puppets

An “edutainment” experience for all ages, this journey thru the world of puppetry will inspire anyone to go home and make a puppet! From bringing a mask to life all the way up to dancing in a giant puppet, the audience will experience the magical world of myriad possibilities that is puppetry!
2 artists, 45 minute presentation plus question time $300 plus transportation

Backstage at the Circus

Scene from Backstage at the Circus.

Geared for elementary kids and their families, this fun-filled show gives audience members a glance behind the scenes at the big top. Tightrope walking, clowning, acrobatics, puppets, and of course a bit of magic will delight and tickle your audiences, not to mention giving a few folks a chance to try it out!
2 artists, 35 minute show plus question time $300 plus transportation

Backstage at the Circus PLUS is also available for venues that have aerial rigging points or adequate space for our freestanding aerial swingset rig. This extended version has an added performer and more extensive circus acts including trapeze and fabric performances.

3 artists, 45 minute show $1200 and up plus transportation

Too Much Noise

Wise Fool's Puppets

A folk tale come to life, this tale of a farmer, his animals and a very wise man will leave audience members laughing, creaking and mooing! Featuring life size animal puppets brought to life by young audience members. Too Much Noise is geared for young children (pre K thru 3rd grade) and their families.
2 artists, 35 minute show plus question time, $275 plus transportation

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