Accessible Juggling Workshop with Ian Slater – 9/02 at 11am

We are very excited to host guest instructor Ian Slater, who is visiting from Chicago, for an accessible juggling workshop!


Workshop Date

Wise Fool New Mexico
September 2, 2023 - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Have you ever wanted to juggle, but you've been intimidated or thought it was too challenging? Think again!

Juggling is for everyone, and there are so many different styles; all you need is a little time and dedication, and you'll find yourself manipulating circus props in no time. In a one hour exploration, Ian will take you through the basics of prop manipulation, from scarves and ribbons to balls and rings (perhaps more if time allows!)

This workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Workshop 2023 - Ian Slater
Ian R. Q. Slater Headshot

About Ian

Ian R. Q. Slater (they/she) is a Chicago based actor, musician, juggler, and dialect coach. They hold a BFA in acting from the Chicago College of Performing Arts.

Ian has been onstage since she was 6 years old, and got her start in the circus in 2018 with CircEsteem, Chicago's Non-Profit Social Circus.

Ian is passionate about social justice, storytelling, and new experiences.


Follow Ian on:

Elevate! Adult Circus Intensive Jan 2 – 13!

ELEVATE is personal fitness through circus skills in a supportive, challenging, body positive and gender-equal environment. Get your new year's workout off the ground with a 2-week, circus-based fitness intensive led by Wise Fool's professional circus artists.

You'll become familiar with:
Aerial Fabric, Trapeze, Partner Acrobatics, Stilts, Object manipulation, Clowning, Unicycling and Conditioning.

Workshop fee is $350.
No previous experience required!

Classes are 5 days a week in the evening and weekend.

Click here for more info and registration.

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Winter Workshops with Wise Fool!

class schedule (Flyer (5.5 × 8.5 in)) (4) (1)

Wise Fool is offering a series of workshops this winter to offer you new opportunities to learn circus! !

We are offering a series of fun and engaging circus workshops from coaches in the Wise Fool community! Please join us for these opportunities to learn intensively from experts in circus arts.

Every Spring and Winter we offer a series of workshops in order to provide new opportunities to try new skills with new coaches and ulitamtely elevate the circus in Santa Fe! Please join us.

More details on individual workshops can be found below:



This class is suitable for folks at all levels who want to better understand how their body works, set stretching goals, develop active flexibility and increase range of motion. This is a perfect complement to aerial and acrobalance classes. No experience necessary.


This workshop is an invitation to learn hula hoop movements and explore being in your body with a prop. Learn basic and beginner hula hooping tricks and learn hooping sequences to see how different skills can be linked. We'll then take these movements and sequences to explore creative exercises to develop your own flow (sequences) combining hoop tricks and body movements. Explore hooping movement in a safe and open environment for beginners or those who want a refresher.

About Coach Alishiya:
Alishiya (She/Her/Hers) is a South Asian and Dominican queer woman working as the the co-executive director of Wise Fool New Mexico. In her experience with movement and the wellness community, Alishiya values moving with the seasons, being in community and coming back to the self. She dreams of creating spaces that allow others to just be, slow down, and reimagine our worlds. She started her circus training in 2021 with hula hooping and began training with Wise Fool in 2016, performing in CircAspire and BUST! She is also a wanderer, lover of crochet, macrame, and creating for and with others!


Laban Movement and Elemental Play Workshop, with Sarah-Jane Moody
Saturday, November 19th, 2p-5p
Sunday, November 20th, 10a-12:30p
Wise Fool Studios
$100- for both days
Join for a weekend workshop as we explore some of the fundamentals in physical theatre with the Laban Movement Analysis and Elemental Play.
Laban: The aim of the study is to break down how movement can be expressed into it's simplest forms, allowing the performer to call upon themselves to develop character and new ways to move through time and space. Using tools like direction, weight, tempo, and flow, we will explore, with guts and glory, a different way to play.
Elemental play: Some foundational aspects of physical theatre include observation, connection, and deep listening. Being in touch with our surroundings and drawing from the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, to help expand our movement vocabulary, find character, and embody a more curious and balanced presence, on stage and off.
We'll combine these two explorations into a deeper awakening of movement.
It will be fun and we will PLAY.
No experience necessary. All levels welcome. For actors, dancers, circus performers, or anyone who is curious about movement.
With questions, call: 505-577-2846

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We will create from scratch a small work-in-progress performance through the exploration of the elements of live performance - space and architecture, movement and gesture, sound, light, text, tension and rhythm. We’ll explore a creative performance process that follows several premises, namely: Form informs content and content informs form; All the elements of the stage have equal value in telling a story; and, community and collaboration are key to artistic development. Come with or without a plan or prompt!

New Class Schedule – Summer 2022!

We have a new schedule out – come join us for fun circus classes here in Santa Fe!


Summer session runs June 27th- August 8th!


Come learn with our trained expert coaches in fun and active circus disciplines. Our classes are designed to follow progressions so you can gain strength while trying new things! All bodies, genders and experience levels are encouraged to come to the studio to have fun, build community and learn circus!


Please email if you need ASL interpretation or another type of accommodation.


Please contact Amelia, Adult Programs Coordinator, at with any question or help with registration. 


Session Model Information:

Our classes meet once a week for six weeks. Wise Fool is moving toward a session registration model. That means you will be bulk enrolled for all 6 classes before the session starts. Our classes need a minimum of four students enrolled for the full session (all 6 classes) to remain active on our schedule. Classes that reach the 4-student enrollment minimum will then be able to offer drop-ins, meaning you can join and pay on a class-to-class basis. We highly encourage you to enroll ahead of time- it saves you money and helps our coaches and community!

Session Dates:
Please scroll down to see the schedule for the current and upcoming sessions.
Winter: January 23 – February 27
Spring: March 14 – April 24
Summer 1: May 9 – June 19
Summer 2: June 27 – August 7
Fall 1: August 29 – October 9
Fall 2: October 10 – November 20
How to enroll in a session:
1. Visit our registration software, Pike13 here. If you do not have a profile create a profile.
2. Purchase a 6 class pass for the type of class you would like (purple or green).
3. Either enroll yourself in each individual class in the session through the calendar or Email the name and time of the classes you want to enroll in and our Adult Programs Coordinator will bulk enroll you. Refund model:
100% refund prior to first week of class, 50% refund during first week of class, and no refunds or credit after the first week of classes. If there is a class cancellation due to COVID, you will either be offered a make-up class or offered a refund.

Why a session model:

Session models guarantee work for our coaches!
The drop-in model means our coaches have to prepare a class and show up to the studio even if nobody is enrolled. This is a drain on resources for our coaches and community. Knowing we have active and ongoing enrollment keeps our classes robust and healthy.
Session models allow us to be more equitable!
By knowing ahead of time about enrollment in a class, the session model allows us to distribute scholarships to students while ensuring the sustainability of the organization.
Session models encourage community!
Learning new skills is both exciting and scary. Knowing you will be returning to class with a group of familiar faces who are just as excited (and maybe a little scared) as you helps develop meaningful bonds through the experience.
Session models save you money!
you experience a class, we know you’ll want to come back! Most students attend at least 4 out of the 6 classes in a session. Paying the drop-in rate for each individual class is more expensive than bulk enrollment.

As we move away from a sense of urgency as an organization, the session model allows us to be more forward thinking and less reactive.


WiseFoolWinterCabaret-19 Wise Fool - Circus Luminous Register for classes here!

Spring Workshop Week

We are offering our community a fun and action packed week of workshops in circus and dance!

Spring Workshop Week
Every day from April 30 to May 7


Come learn with our trained expert coaches in a variety of dance forms! During our week of of our regularly scheduled classes we have invited our talented community members to teach special workshops! Come learn something new, or gain knowledge in an area you are already familiar with!


Please email if you need ASL interpretation or another type of accommodation.


Please contact Amelia, Adult Programs Coordinator, at with any question or help with registration. 


Saturday, 4/30

10:30- 12:30pm: Physical Theatre and the Clown with SJ

Sunday, 5/1

12-2pm: Family Tap Dance with Sam
2:30- 4:30: Hula Hoop Movement with Alishiya
5-7:30pm: Physical Theatre and the Clown with SJ

Monday, 5/2
5:00-7pm Games with Kristen

Tuesday, 5/3
5-7pm: Duo Lyra Shapes with Joanna

Wednesday, 5/4
5-7pm: Stillness Studies with Anastazia

Thursday, 5/5
5:30 -7pm: Stilts with Kristen

Saturday, 5/7
4-6pm: Tap Dance with Sam (if possible, we may need to schedule you earlier in the day)

3 (1)
2 (1)

Spring Break Camp Registration is Open

Our popular Spring Break Camp is returning in 2022! We will be meeting during SFPD Spring break from 9am to 3:30pm from march 14-18! Kids 7-12 years old learn all the Wise Fool disciplines in a fun, active and non-competitive environment. We do wear masks, but we take regular mask breaks. Tuition assistance available!
Please visit the registration page or email for more information!

New Class Schedule – Spring 2022!

We have a new schedule out - come join us for fun circus classes here in Santa Fe!


Spring session runs January 23rd - February 27th!


Come learn with our trained expert coaches in fun and active circus disciplines. Our classes are designed to follow progressions so you can gain strength while trying new things! All bodies, genders and experience levels are encouraged to come to the studio to have fun, build community and learn circus!


Please email if you need ASL interpretation or another type of accommodation.


Please contact Amelia, Adult Programs Coordinator, at with any question or help with registration. 



Afterschool Registration is Open!

Our Afterschool class registration is Open! We are offering all of our fun Afterschool classes for kids 4-13! Wise Fool has offered afterschool classes for local youth since 2004! Afterschool classes include instruction in aerial fabric, trapeze, stilt-walking, clowning, unicycling, juggling, acrobatics and more!

Spring session runs January 18 - April 28th.



Please email if you need ASL interpretation or another type of accommodation.


Costs for classes listed below. Scholarships and payment plans are available!


Please contact Oriana Lee, Afterschool Coordinator, at with any question or help with registration. 


Wee Kids

$200 for 14 week session (Monday OR Wednesday).

For kids ages 3-6, no experience necessary. Students will work on creative movement, aerial fabric, trapeze, obstacle courses, physical literacy, and have lots of fun jumping in, through, and on hoops!

Mondays 3:30-4:30pm
Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm

Circus Exploration

$265 for 14 week session, one day per week (Mondays OR Wednesdays).

Suitable for youth ages 7-12! We will teach to youth of all levels in this class who want to learn and play in circus. Youth get to try stilt-walking, aerial fabric, trapeze, acrobalance and clowning in a safe and supportive environment. They will show their skills to parents and friends on the last week of class, on Friday December 13.

Mondays 3:30-5pm
Wednesdays 3:30-5pm


Take it to the Stage

$480 for 14 week session.

For kids ages 8 to 12 who have taken at least two sessions of Circus Exploration, having completed their last class in the past year. The class focus is on act creation, culminating in a final show! Students should want to dedicate themselves more seriously to circus. Coaches support youth in creating something all their own, in a fun and supportive environment! The focus on show/act creation includes choosing a circus specialty, working independently and with a group to create multiple acts and participating in a theme brainstorming session. This class supports self-motivation and requires a desire to create! Class meets twice a week- attendance is crucial for participation in the show and irregular attendance may result in less show participation. The session will end with a performance on the Friday evening of the last week of class. Availability to be present the day of the show must be confirmed upon registration.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-5pm


Circus Play for Families

Circus jam where parents and children play in the circus together! Families get to try stilt-walking, juggling, tumbling, partner acrobatics, hula hoops, aerial fabric, and trapeze in a safe and supportive environment. This class is an open studio format where Wise Fool coaches will be on hand to support family play and experimentation. No experience necessary! $18 drop in for one adult and one child. Additional children are $6 each class.

Fridays 2-3:30pm

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