Wise Fool’s Fundraiser Yard Sale

Saturday and Sunday, May 15 and 16, 2021
10AM – 2 PM
Wise Fool Studios
1131 Siler Road Suite B
Santa Fe, NM

As part of our Spring Fundraising Campaign, we are holding a Fundraising Yard Sale!

We are looking for donations to the sale in items such as clothes, toys, furniture and cool things! We also are needing volunteers to make things for the bake sale and to help out during the sale! Finally, we need everyone to come take these awesome items off our hands on May 15 and 16!

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Wise Fool’s Other Community Days

Community Day

Join Wise Fool for our Community Days! Several days throughout the year to bring our community together in visioning and inspiring change.

Community Days:
Martin Luther King’s Day – January 18, 2021
World Circus Day and Earth Day – April 24, 2021
Indigenous People’s Day – October 11, 2021
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