“What is Herbalism & Where does it come from?”

We will go over basic vocabulary used in herbalism, basic recipes and concepts around tinctures, salves, and hydrosols.

We will be deep diving into 5-10 plants, their constituents & polarity scale, and choosing an extraction method. We will talk about what it means to have relationship with plants in a good way, attempting to look at medicine and plants not just allopathically.

Plant meditation optional.


Date: October 28th
Time: 2 – 4pm.
This class can sit around 2 – 4 hours depending on how in-depth we go.
Cost: $50 – $250 sliding scale. Register Here Herbalism is for Everyone

About The Teacher

Aura La Voura means Work and Prayer, it is a concept that if our prayers, hearts and intentions are not in line with our work, then it is not powerful or true.

Having been a studying herbalist for 13 years, and practicing for 8 years, I have an office in town where I see clients one on one, or virtually to help them with their ailments. I’m studied in Karanga, TCM, Western Herbalism, Alchemy, & Medical Astrology. I use these foundations to find and see patterns in people, and address them.

Along with my client practice, I also make bulk extractions of Hydrosols, Spagyrics, Botanical Tinctures, Salves and certain Essential Oils and sell them at various locations. Locally you find these at the Co-op, or at Soap and Supply.

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