Open Training

Wise Fool offers a robust Open Training program such that trusted students are given access to the studio’s training facilities whenever the studio is not in use.


$ 70 / month

6 Month Subscription – $65 / month
6 Months (Paid in Full) – $360 (a value of $60/month)


Students who have taken a minimum of two sessions of classes with Wise Fool, or those who have previous circus experience may be considered.

This privilege requires approval and a special orientation meeting with Wise Fool staff, as well as a monthly fee for access to the studio.

Contact Amelia to sign up:

Rights & Responsibilities

All Open Trainers must…

  • Have a signed Studio Waiver on file
  • Sign the Open Training Agreements
  • Always have a training buddy and never train alone
  • Check the Studio Calendar before coming into the studio to make sure the space is available
  • Be responsible for maintaining high personal safety standards
  • Sign in & Pay for every training session on Pike13
  • Attend Open Training Community Events
  • Keep a clean and welcoming space
  • Create a friendly, open-hearted, and respectful environment that is inclusive to people of all body sizes, ages, abilities, and gender expressions

All Open Trainers have the right to…

  • Use the studio to train in your circus discipline(s) whenever it is not previously booked
  • Use our equipment to train
  • Your own key to the studio so that you can let yourself in if staff isn’t present
  • A safe and inclusive training space with a welcoming culture
  • Work-Trade for up to half of your program costs
  • Access our Wise Fool Open Trainer Google Group to coordinate training buddies

Open Training Program vs. Open Studio

Please note that our Open Training program is different than Open Studio times listed on our schedule.

Our Open Training Program give you the freedom to use the studio whenever it is available, but requires prior approval and the above monthly fee.

Open Studio times have specific slots on our schedule, which you can register for the same way you’d enroll in a class. Prior approval is not required as Wise Fool staff are present during Open Studio time to supervise! Open Studio sessions are only $10 per class.

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