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A photo of an acro-balance class depicting 9 Wise Fool students in 3 groups performing various multi-person acro poses

Wise Fool welcomes adults, teens, and youth of all ages, genders, body types, fitness, and experience levels to join us for ongoing classes in circus arts!

Circus disciplines taught throughout the year may include trapeze, lyra, aerial fabric, partner acrobatics, flexibility, juggling, unicycling, handstands, conditioning, and more! Our studio operates on a 6-week session model, and class options and times are subject to change from session to session.

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Class Pricing

Wise Fool classes are on a 6-Week Session registration model. Each class meets once a week throughout the 6-week session. Our class offerings vary between sessions. We offer discounted Class Passes if you pre-pay for an entire session!

You can read more on why we have adapted a session model at the bottom of this page!

Aerial Classes

$ 36 / class (drop-in)
  • Session Pass: $198
  • (value of $33 per class)

Ground Classes

$ 31 / class (drop-in)
  • Session Pass: $174
  • (value of $29 per class)

Youth Aerials

$ 29 / class (drop-in)
  • Session Pass: $156
  • (value of $26 per class)

Open Studio

$ 10 / class
  • 5-Punch Pass: $50
  • 10-Punch Pass: $100

Registration Options

Class Descriptions

Aerial Classes

All adult aerial classes are open to students 16+ unless otherwise specified

Drop-In Classes

Learn or further develop the fundamentals of aerial fabric, sometimes called “silks.” This course will include climbing, wraps, foot-locks, drops, and poses. From conditioning and basic skills to explorations in choreography, fabrics are a fun way to build core strength and flexibility while defying gravity!

Class Levels:
  • Beginner: The perfect way to start on your aerial journey. A perfect class for those curious but not yet airborne, the class will focus on basic technique, conditioning, and building body awareness in the air. No experience necessary. Suitable for folks of all body sizes, genders, and fitness levels.
  • Mixed Levels: Suitable for complete beginners all the way through advanced students. Teachers will meet students wherever they are in their aerial journey to help improve their form and work on new skills.

Aerial rope, also known as corde lisse, is a challenging but exciting aerial apparatus. Students will learn to climb, hold themselves in various positions, wrap for and perform drops, and explore movement quality.

We’ll work where you are and individualize goals based on the class. We will work on level-appropriate skills, sequences, and creative choreography.

Class Levels:
  • Beginner/Intermediate: Suitable for students with no experience, through students who are working on beats, inversions, and multiple climbs
  • Continuing (Intermediate/Advanced): For students with previous experience on rope. Must be comfortable with beats and can invert multiple times in the air. We will also be exploring roll-ups and open drops. Masks required.

A lyra is another name for an aerial hoop, which is a large metal circle suspended from the ceiling. These classes provide an opportunity for students wanting to focus exclusively on lyra.

Must be open to exploring spinning.

Class Levels:
  • Mixed Levels: For brand new through advanced students.

How do we work with a partner in the air? This class will explore how to interact in the magical space above the ground with someone else, on trapeze, hoop or fabric. We will look at ways to share weight, move together and create choreography together.

This is a beginning partner class, but is meant for people who already are comfortable on an aerial apparatus.

This class is open to participants 10 and up.

No matter your experience in slacklining, this class will offer you the next steps to progress in the direction you want to. You can learn the basics of sitting and standing on a line, dynamic and static tricks, and all the fundamentals you need to be able to highline.

We will also explore surfing on rodeo lines, and using props on a line, ex: juggling, hoops, poi, anything you could imagine. Strengthen your core and mind through the art of slacklining. A multidimensional slackline class to have fun and get creative with balance.

Trapeze is the quintessential circus discipline, and a great way to build strength and coordination for other aerial apparatuses. Aerial hoop, also known as lyra, is another metal apparatus that offers many translatable techniques.

Class includes a dynamic warm-up, floor exercises, aerial vocabulary, technique, and conditioning on both static trapeze & lyra in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

Apparatuses are hung low at 3′ to 7′ high.

Class Levels:
  • Beginner/Intermediate: For brand new students, through students working up to Lyra Level 4 and Trapeze Level 7.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: For students working Lyra Level 4 and up, and Trapeze Level 7 and up.
Series Classes

Join us for a weekly aerial fabric choreography series. We will explore sequencing, expression, and movement on and off the aerial fabric. Each week we will do a warmup, movement exploration, and then learn choreography.

This class will provide opportunities to perform for classmates and develop personal style.

Ever wondered about this exciting, dynamic apparatus called Chinese Pole? Now is your chance to explore what it can do!

In this series class, you will learn about different techniques for climbing, sliding and some different ways of holding yourself on the pole. A great way to build strength while having fun!


Must have previous aerial and/or acrobatic experience. Must be able to invert on any apparatus. Must be able to do a pull up.

What To Wear

Lots of layers and clothes you don’t care too much about. Bring a shirt and a hoodie, Students should wear tights or leggings underneath a pair of jeans and grippy shoes. I recommend wrestling or martial arts shoes such as Asics or Feiyues.

Deepening your understanding of two classic aerial apparatuses – static trapeze and lyra!

Trapeze is the quintessential circus discipline, and a great way to build strength and coordination. Lyra is a metal hoop that offers many translatable techniques.

Class includes a dynamic warm-up, floor exercises, aerial vocabulary, technique, and conditioning on both static trapeze & lyra in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

Previously this class was available on a drop-in basis, but we are shifting to a series model this session! Why the change? The series-based model allows you to accelerate your learning journey. Each class is thoughtfully crafted to build upon the knowledge gained in the previous one, creating a more seamless path to achieving your goals.

All levels welcome.

Ground Classes

All ground classes are open to students 16+ unless otherwise specified

Drop-In Classes

Want to get a well-rounded circus experience? This drop-in, donation-based class is for you! This class will include stilt-walking, rolla-bolla, walking globe, juggling, basic tumbling and partner acro.

Absolutely no experience necessary, suitable for folks ages 10 and up.

This class is currently on hold, but please inquire with for private lessons or other learning opportunities!

Also known as “acroyoga,” Partner Acro involves sharing weight and balancing between two or more people. We’ll explore acrobal­ance from the circus per­spec­tives, blending trust and con­nec­tion with dynamic play, flex­i­bil­ity for mind and body, and phys­i­cal con­di­tion­ing.

Acrobalance will lit­er­ally turn you upside down and give you a whole new per­spec­tive on your poten­tial to be both strong and sup­ported from the ground up into the air.

No partner and no experience necessary!

This class is currently on hold, but please inquire with for private lessons or other learning opportunities!

Dive into the vast complexity of spinning poi. A class offering the fundamentals to give you the confidence to dance with fire, and support the experienced poi spinner in developing an intricate, and technical style that is their own. We will explore tricks with one to four poi, juggling, contact, and how to put everything you’ve learned together into a beautiful flow.

This class is currently on hold, but please inquire with for private lessons or other learning opportunities!

These classes are currently on hold, but please inquire with for private lessons or other learning opportunities!

Queer Burlesque

“Queer Burlesque” is a radical space that allows participants to present however they want, and feel sexy or powerful while doing it. This class focuses on envisioning a character of each student’s choice, then helping them develop the confidence, movement techniques, and sensuality to bring that character to life, whether on stage or off.

This class does not explicitly help students create a performance, but students are welcome to bring a specific idea or hope for a performance in mind.

Bring lots of layers! A large jacket (trench coat style), a loose t-shirt or button down shirt, a tank top, and an underlayer are recommended. You’ll need them to practice stripping.

Pick your own theme song! You’ll need at least one song that you know intimately to get the most out of the class.

Queerlesque – Striptease as Reclamation

Burlesque is a performance art of sensual, theatrically exaggerated storytelling. In theory, many styles of storytelling work on the burlesque stage, but in practice, the main character of those stories are usually women, and the climax is her reveal, be that one bare leg, her whole body (and all of its intersections). The striptease is a story about the person, told by the person, potentially in direct contrast to the expected story told by society (like, WARNING: ASSIGNED-MALE BABY WILL EXPLODE IF TOUCHED BY PINK).

Now enter the world of the queer. We collectively reject binary categorizations of gender identity and compulsive assumptions of sexual orientation. We undo societal restrictions and shame, to act and present the way we want to, and to connect and love others authentically. Queer allows identity to be expansive. This is a safe space for a queer-centric deconstruction of burlesque. It’s a movement class, and also a gender studies, burlesque theory, queer theory class mixed with self-confidence bootcamp.

To reclaim the striptease, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the stripping, teasing, performance art, gender performativity, and storytelling in the most theoretical way possible. Then we’ll apply that theory to reconstruct those elements into Queerlesque: an artform that tells your story for a community that gets it. It takes a lot of guts for queer people to stand up and perform something real on stage, after living in a world that says who you are is wrong, that you should be and act a certain way. That’s what this class is for – creating a safe space to tell your story and finding the community to receive you whole.

This class is drop-in accessible, but each class synergizes with the next and the prior. Each week teaches a different tool, then applies all the tools collected thus far; the more tools you have, the easier.

For stripping, bring a loose fitting tank top, crop top, or short sleeved shirt. Also bring something that opens from the front, like a button down or a jacket.

If you’ve taken Queer Burlesque before, consider this the 201 version of that 101 class.

We do not currently offer any tumbling classes. Please inquire with for private lessons or other learning opportunities. May be dependent on teacher availability.

Some basic tumbling instruction can be found in our Circus Foundations or Partner Acro classes.

Learn the basics of unicycling and juggling or add on more advanced skills to your juggling and equilibristics practice.

Suitable for all ages (7 and up) and all experience levels.

Series Classes

This class is suitable for folks at all levels who want to better understand how their body works, set stretching goals, develop active flexibility and increase range of motion. This is a perfect complement to any deep movement class- including aerials and acro!

Great for folx who are looking to expand their range of motion and beginners who are working on touching their toes, as well as those already doing the splits! This is a great way to engage with your body at any level and keep yourself primed for all the action that life might throw at you.

Whether you’re a total beginner or working on getting your press to handstand, this series class has something for you!

We’ll work together on tricks and drills to keep the body solid and operating as a single unit within that elusive perfect handstand line. We’ll also spend time on other balancing skills and learn how to strengthen and stretch the body for hand balancing success.


Must be able to hold a plank for 30 seconds.

Via the red-nose clown, we will explore comedic timing, stage presence, breath, the absurd, problem solving in the clown world, stillness, character development, and improvisation in duos and trios. This class is great for a deeper recognition of who we are and what we have to offer on stage, from circus to Shakespeare. It is all about  authentic expression and tapping into our own inner clown.

This class will culminate in a performance at the end of the session!

Some clowning experience required- if you have not taken a class with SJ before, please reach out and we can determine if this is the right fit for you!

Youth Classes

Youth Aerials

For students ages 7 – 12 of all experience levels. A great chance for kids with a passion for aerials to try or develop further skills in trapeze, and aerial fabric.

Teen/Tween Aerials

For students ages 11 – 15 of all experience levels. This class will offer instruction on trapeze, lyra, fabric and rope. Students may choose which apparatus they’d like to focus on, or try them all!

Teen Troupe

For students between 13 – 18. This is part of our Afterschool programs which allows teens to take one adult class each week in their chosen area of specialization.
See Youth Programs for more information.

This is a circus jam where parents and children get to play in the circus together! Families get to try stilt-walking, juggling, tumbling, partner acrobatics, hula hoops, aerial fabric, and trapeze in a safe and supportive environment.

This class is an open studio format where Wise Fool coaches will be on hand to support family play and experimentation.

No experience necessary! All ages welcome.

Suitable for students age 13 – 18.

This class will rotate between all the circus disciplines that Wise Fool offers: aerial, stiltwalking, juggling, walking globe, object manipulation, rola bola, unicycle, and more!

This class is currently on hold, but please inquire with for private lessons or other learning opportunities!


Time set aside to give students an opportunity to practice what they’ve been learning in class. We ask that students have taken at least 2 aerial classes with Wise Fool.

Supervised but not a led class. No registration necessary for drop-ins

Our Open Training privileges enable folks access to Wise Fool’s studio, so that they can train during unscheduled times. Students who have taken a minimum of two sessions of classes with Wise Fool (or who have previous circus experience) may be considered.

This privilege requires approval and a special orientation meeting with Wise Fool staff.

Learn more here, or contact Amelia to sign up:

Regular classes don’t fit into your schedule? Passing through town and want some special attention? Just looking for a more personalized circus experience? Private lessons are for you!

Private lessons available in:
  • Aerial Fabric
  • Trapeze
  • Lyra
  • Rope
  • Juggling
  • Unicycling
  • Stilt-walking
  • Walking Globe
  • Slack wire
  • Tumbling
  • Straps
  • Partner acro
  • Flexibility/Contortion
  • Handstands

Private lessons are $60/hour.

Email to book your lesson.

Learn a variety of materials and techniques while you build your own Wise Fool style giant puppet!

We’ll start with clay sculpting and move through wheatpasting, cardboard construction, painting, internal frame construction, costume making, and how to bring your puppet to life!

Limited spaces available – can work solo or share a slot between 2 people. Basic materials will be provided. Six session workshop – two classes a week for 3 weeks. Participants must commit to attending all 6 classes.

Private Lessons

Interested in focused, one-on-one coaching? We offer Private Lessons with our amazing and talented coaches. Lesson options include Aerial Fabric, Trapeze, Lyra, Flexibility, and Handstands.

You can opt for a shared a group private, or have your coach all to yourself. Some of our coaches even offer remote lessons over Zoom!

To schedule a lesson or learn more, reach out to:

Scholarships & Tuition Assistance

At Wise Fool, we remain committed to offering scholarships and work-trade to our community. Please do not hesitate to reach out for the support you are needing in order to attend classes.

What is a Session Model?

Wise Fool classes are on a 6-week session registration model. Each class meets once a week throughout the six week session. Our class offerings vary between sessions.

Our classes need a minimum of 4 students to be bulk enrolled for every date within a session in order for it to remain active on our schedule. The class must meet this minimum by the first day it is held at the beginning of a session. Once a class has reached the 4-student minimum enrollment, it will be available to sign up for on a drop-in basis. This means you can join in and pay on a class-to-class basis.

If you want to keep seeing a specific class on our schedule, we highly encourage you to bulk enroll ahead of time – it saves you money and helps support our coaches and community!

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