Dear Wise Fool Community Members,

As Wise Fool navigates through challenging financial circumstances, we are dedicated to ensuring our commitment to our mission while striving for financial sustainability. In our pursuit of this goal, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of our operations, with a particular focus on our adult classes.

To sustain our mission and uphold our commitment to providing living-wage compensation for our coaches and staff, it has become imperative to make adjustments to our pricing structure.

Commencing in the new year of 2024, we have revised the rates for our 6-week session passes with an increase of $5 per class, and our drop-in rates which have increased by $7.

While we recognize the necessity of these adjustments, we want to emphasize that our doors remain open, and we encourage anyone facing financial constraints to reach out. We are actively engaged in fundraising and grant writing initiatives, along with exploring opportunities within our various programs, to generate the necessary funds for the sustainability of our organization.

Your understanding and support during these transitional times are greatly appreciated. We are committed to maintaining a balance between the viability of our business and ensuring access for everyone in our community. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance you may require to continue participating in our classes.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Wise Fool community.


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Ground Classes

Youth Aerial


We have decided to discontinue the sliding scale model.

However, our dedication to providing support to our community remains unwavering. Scholarships and work-trade opportunities will continue to be available, ensuring that Wise Fool can continue to strive to be an inclusive space for all.

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