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We’re starting off our 2024 performance season with the original production Beyond the Binary, featuring 20 local professional performers in four shows on April 19th through the 21st. This spectacle will be followed by a summer of sharing Beyond the Binary at local and community events around New Mexico.

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Dive into a realm where gender is not confined

Step right up and secure your tickets for "Beyond the Binary" – a circus production like no other! We're thrilled to announce that tickets are now on sale for our groundbreaking production, exploring the intricate tapestry of gender and liberation.

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About the Production

Beyond the Binary explores our relationship to gender and liberation through an immersive, magical circus extravaganza.

The show presents a looking-glass journey of self-discovery that takes us through the natural world and concepts of gender throughout history, questioning the origins of our modern colonial gender roles and highlighting the incredible diversity of life and expression on this planet.

Through a dazzling combination of movement, dance, and circus acts, Beyond the Binary encourages us to develop a sense of connection to the greater collective of living beings on this planet; to feel a sense of kinship, safety, and responsibility in regards to our community and the natural world, and to find freedom of self-expression and gender identity through self-reflection and community connection.

Get Involved

Not a performer? That's OK! We have lots of ways you can contribute to this production behind-the-scenes. Here are a few ways you can get involved.

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Check out the sponsorship packages we are offering to major donors, including complimentary tickets and merch.

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Your individual donations help to support our production, provide free and reduced-cost tickets to low income community members, and uplift community-oriented arts in Santa Fe.

Show Director

Arin "Sparrow" Dineen

Sparrow is a trans/non-binary writer, director, artist, and performer from O’Ga P’Ogeh (Santa Fe). After their Wise Fool debut at the ‘Deep Sea Cabaret’ last September, Sparrow is excited to dive deeper into Social Circus with Beyond the Binary!

Sparrow graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in Fine Arts in 2013, and has spent the last decade sharing their passion for art and storytelling with their community through their role as an educator at the Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences.

In 2021 they founded the Multiverse Menagerie, an organization dedicated to providing transformative experiences to youth through immersive theater and roleplaying games. They have since had the opportunity to work with organizations across the country to create and design games and theatrical experiences that connect audiences to the wonder of nature through the power of play. They are excited and honored to bring this work to Wise Fool for the Beyond the Binary show!

Directing Team

Anastazia Louise Aranaga


Anastazia Louise is the founder and artistic director of Bad Unkl Sista

Bad Unkle Sista is a performance art ensemble that combines unique choreography, improvised music, couture costuming, and physical theater elements to produce site-specific durational performances that seek to provoke and inspire – changing how witnesses relate to the performers, to the world, and to themselves.

Since 2002, she has produced hundreds of performances for local, regional, and international promoters and festivals. Anastazia has a BA in “Performance for Social Change” from Prescott College.

Anastazia is a queer, neurodiverse, multimedia artist and creative on the Autism spectrum. They have an eclectic palette of experience spanning multiple arts and entertainment fields.

Staz offers a personally developed presence-based movement style that combines a lifetime of performance experience distilled from a vast array of teachers and collaborators. They have been performing and teaching this presence technique for 30 years.

Anastazia also designs and creates visual and wearable art in the form of handmade costumes, headpieces, fabric installations, jewelry, painting, and poetry.

Hallie Dalsimer​


Hallie Dalsimer is an improviser, dance artist and teacher, who grew up in O’ga P’ogeh (Santa Fe) and recently returned home.

Hallie’s creative work and practice are rooted in the belief that inhabiting our bodies in real time is a deeply radical act, one that we can model for each other as an invitation to remember ourselves as part of a larger collective body.

As a teacher and facilitator, e approaches movement and embodied practice through responsive listening and play — inviting us to cultivate our capacity to be when and where we are, to widen the field of our noticing, and to land in the ground of ourselves, so we can be more fully and choicefully with each other, the space and the context, as we meet the ever-unfolding unknown at the threshold of the future becoming the present.

Hallie’s work centers around this practice of grounding personal transformation in and through the body — reconnecting with our innate inner wisdom as a foundation for disentangling ourselves from the conditioning of systems of harm, in service to relational, collective and systemic change.

kim gryphon​


kim gryphon is a queer/non-binary writer, educator, performer, and organizer who lives and works in O’gah Po’geh, unceded Tewa territory. 

kim is a non-native white person of Irish heritage who aims to create work in community to disrupt the dominance of racism and settler-colonialism. Their work on the Indigenous-centered Wise Fool production, ReUnite, taught them how to love managing the stage and led them to their work on Beyond the Binary.

Queer expression pushes them to move past the limits of definition and toward the possibilities of radical imagination. They are always becoming the badass they want to be and shapeshifting to support collective dreams in coming true.

Rémy Torres-Crouch


Rémy Torres-Crouch is an artist, fabricator and activist native to the southwest.

They are an indigenous two spirit person of multiple Central and South American descents whose work and career span multiple mediums including sculpture, pyrotechnics, and circuit integrated interactivity for art made for both permanent exhibits and traveling shows across the country.

They currently lend their hand to multiple social justice organizations and build art for worthy causes. They seek and advocate for gender justice and education as well as being a founding member of Cirque Du So Gay. They began travelling art fabrication with the Nevada based art makers club the Wrench Pirates and never looked back. Locally they were honored to collaborate with Stark Raven Studio on Tigré Bailando’s ‘Facing the FearBeast’ in 2022.

Rémy began to collaborate with Wise Fool as a set and prop designer for the debuting iteration of ReUnite in spring of 2023 and has loved Wise Fool ever since.  Inspired by the divine truths of nature and the illuminating presence of justice, they are currently a student of engineering setting sail to improve the health, safety and equity of the global community.

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