Saturday, March 18th, 7pm

Wise Fool Studio, 1131 Siler Rd

Navarasa Dance Theater is a pioneering South-Asian Contemporary Dance Theater company with a wide repertoire of classical and contemporary works inspired by Bharatanatyam and folk dance forms, martial arts (Kalarippayattu), diverse theater and music traditions, aerial dance, yoga and storytelling.


Navarasa will be performing A Story and A Song, a tale of women, environment and love told with wit and dynamic interplay of classical dance (Bharatanatyam), martial arts (Kalari ppayattu), yoga, aerial dance, theater and music.


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Navarasa’s choreography is grounded in traditional Indian dance, but reaches outward. They incorporate modern dance, Indian martial arts, aerial dance, Bollywood’s pop influences — all with an eye for originality and a skillful use of space,sending dancers into eye-catching floor patterns. Embedded are compelling dances: an acrobatic solo up and down a roughly 10-foot-tall wooden column, a sensuous, serpentine duet, a fighting dance with the clash of wooden canes.”  — Boston Globe

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