Navarasa Dance Theater workshops at Wise Fool!
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Mallakhamb aerial rope
(for aerial students only)
Saturday, March 18
2:00-3:30 p.m. $30
Inspired by ancient Indian acrobatic forms and modern day sports of Rope and Pole Mallakhamb, this class is designed for strength, conditioning and flexibility training. Students will learn Yoga-like postures and acrobatic feats on the rope as well as stretching and conditioning exercises, and developing core energy. 
Mallakhamb is a traditional sport that originates from India. Competitors perform different acrobatic skills on either a wooden pole or long hanging rope. The students learn to perform yoga poses and dance combinations inspired by Karanas (Natya Shastra 2nd Cen CE).
Ways of Expression – Storytelling through your body
(for all ages and experience)
Sunday, March 19
1:00-2:30 p.m. $25
This workshop is designed for people from different walks of life trying to find their creative voice or to find a way to express their inner artists. Using simple physical movements, gestures, voice, breath and space, participants will share stories from their life or from their imagination. Techniques are drawn from Indian Classical Dance, folktale traditions and women’s tales.
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