Workshops with Kylin Trussell

Kylin Trussell (she/they) is a visiting guest instructor from Vail, CO and co-owner of Vail Mountain Cirque. We’re excited to share that they will be teaching two $45 workshops with us on Saturday, June 22.

Unique Sling Sequencing

Saturday, June 22 from 10:00am - 12:00pm

In this class, you will learn a sequence that follows momentum through both dynamic and smooth movement pathways. It ends in a dramatic split with shape-portunities involving angular tension of the sling. The ability to perform full, flat splits are NOT required.


  • Ability to invert from hanging in the air (bent arms/legs okay)
  • Comfort navigating shifts in the hip joint while the hamstring is lengthened

Dynamic Movement on Lyra

Saturday, June 22 from 12:30 -2:30pm

This class is designed for students looking to deepen their understanding of the full body beat on lyra, and what dynamic pathways are available to them with that understanding (like top to bottom drops). Front and back hip circles and prep for elbow circles will also be covered.


  • Ability to do 3 consecutive tuck-rock-backs
  • Comfort in double-knee hang (single knee hang is a plus)
  • Comfort in dead hang from hands
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