Friday, May 17th – Acro Stilts with Gina 

Prerequisite is walking on stilts without assistance. Students must pre-register by emailing $10-20 by donation. 

Gina is excited and honored to share the joys of dance and acro on STILTS! Please wear appropriate athletic clothing – no jeans!!! Stilts are available for use – if you need stilts please wear good sneakers or light boots

Participants will learn:

  • targeted warm-ups for stilts,
  • dance choreographies for locomotion,
  • foundations of stilt dance like spinning,
  • acro stilt basics…and
  • acro stilt partnering with bases on and off stilts.  … that means Acro Bases- please come and learn how to partner us long legged flyers even getting high on stilts is not in your immediate future. 


Sunday May 19th 1 – 3 – Juggling workshop

All ages – By donation $10 – $20.

Our previous Juggling and Manipulation workshops have been so fun we had to add another one! This is an all-ages workshop that features teaching by some one of Wise Fool’s best teachers and performers. The workshop will have a group warm up and introduction to Notation Siteswap (Juggling Notation) and then will be lead into specific props. There will be material for beginners to 5 balls, 4 clubs tricks, diabolo sequences, tricks and intro to 2 diabolos as well.


Introduction to Dynamic Trio Acro (Throw Your Friends) w/Aaron Koz

Monday, May 20th 6 – 8:15pm, $40 pre-register or $45 the day of

Come learn a introductory progression of trio acrobatic swings, banquine, and maybe even a pass the flyer sequence. Bases will learn proper swinging technique and spotting all the way up to swinging a flyer to standing on forearms shoulder-stand. Fliers will learn form for swings and will progress from swings to the floor all the way to swinging to shoulder stand and potentially further. Trios will work banquine basics.

Pre-requisites: Be able to fly or base L-basing shoulder-stand/candlestick, ability to hold your own bodyweight hanging.      

To register, email For more information about Aaron, see his bio here.

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