Critical Acclaim


  • Annually voted Best Local Performing Arts Group by the readers of the Santa Fe Reporter (2008-present).
  • Geronima Cruz Montoya “Pinon” Award for Arts and Humanities from the Santa Fe Community Foundation (2008).
  • Santa Fe Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts (2005).

Acclaim for Classes

“I have always felt incredibly safe, supported and encouraged at Wise Fool. I think it’s part of the magic, that this environment allows so many of us to break through our barriers in a gentle, optimistic way. It means that every year, the limitations I write down on the first day have evolved or dissipated entirely by the time I leave.” – Adult Intensives Student


“[The Wise Fool staff’s] gentle belief in all the kids’ abilities resulted in all the kids being able to overcome their own personal challenges… and by the end the kids were all so incredibly proud of what they’d achieved.” – Parent of Youth Camp Participant


“I grew up as the last kid picked for any gym team and experienced physical activity as something I could not do. Through Wise Fool and BUST I discovered that I could derive great joy from using my body and that anything I can’t do is something I can learn and train myself to do. This change has empowered me in all areas of my life.” – Adult Classes Student and Perfomer


“Nothing has boosted [my daughter’s] self-confidence the way her three days at Wise Fool did.” – Parent of Youth Camp Participant

Acclaim for Performance

“One of the most dazzling performances I’ve ever seen, homegrown or otherwise… (an) intricate, glorious production.” – Audience Member letter to the editor, Santa Fe New Mexican


“Among the thousands of acts I’ve booked and presented since 1997, Wise Fool has to be in the top handful, based on audience satisfaction and presenter experience alike.” – Bob Redmond, Bumbershoot Festival


“Wise Fool’s beautiful and talented mostly female group of performers… guarantees that your eyes will pop, your mouth will gape, and most of all – you yourself will feel a sense of unlimited potential… Wise Fool’s performers are astounding acrobats who can perform breathtaking high-flying maneuvers as well as hilarious and provocative clowning….” – Local Flavor Magazine

Acclaim for Community Engagement

“We count ourselves fortunate to have talented, socially conscious people like you in our community.” – Billie Blair, past president, Santa Fe Community Foundation


“It’s revolutionary the way your teachers, staff, and program layout embody your mission. Thank you for reaching out to others and making a deliberate effort to build community.” – Adult Intensive Student


“My students commented that they trusted their classmates more after the circus experience. New leaders emerged in classes and self-confidence also seemed to improve.” –  Public School Teacher, speaking about the Circus Comes to School program

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