3-Week Series

Giant Puppet-Making

$200 for entire series
  • Meeting twice a week from January 16 – February 3
  • Tuesdays 5:30 – 8:00pm
  • Saturdays 10:00am – 12:30pm
  • Students must register in advance for the entire 3-week series, no drop-ins.
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Workshop Alert!

We have a very special creative workshop coming in the new year where students will get to create giant puppets! This is a three-week intensive which will meet twice a week. Participants must commit to attending all 6 classes within the 3-week series.

Meeting in the Wise Fool Community Art Room

Giant Puppet-Making with Jo

Learn a variety of materials and techniques while you build your own Wise Fool-style giant puppet!

We’ll start with clay sculpting and move through wheatpasting, cardboard construction, painting, internal frame construction, costume making, and how to bring your puppet to life!

IMG_4508 IMG_4511 IMG_5332

Limited spaces available – can work solo, or share a slot between 2 people.

Basic materials will be provided.

Six session workshop – two classes a week for 3 weeks. Participants must commit to attending all 6 classes.


Teacher Bio

Jo Christian has been building giant puppets for street theater, protests, and performances since 1989. They have led puppet building workshops with hundreds of youth, adults, schools and communities across the US and abroad as a means of “making revolution irresistible” (Toni Cade Bambara) while building community and strengthening our imagination muscles.


Exciting News: Embracing a New Class Structure for Enhanced Learning! 

Dear Wise Fool Students,

We are thrilled to announce a significant shift in our class structure to elevate your learning experience. Beginning in the new year, over the course of the next couple of sessions, we are transitioning from majority drop-in classes to a majority series-based model, designed with your success and growth in mind. 

Each class meets once a week throughout the six week session.

Our classes need a minimum of 4 students to be bulk enrolled for every date within a session in order for it to remain active on our schedule. Once a class has reached the 4-student minimum enrollment, it will be available to sign up for on a drop-in basis. This means you can join in and pay on a class-to-class basis.

If you want to keep seeing a specific class on our schedule, we highly encourage you to bulk enroll ahead of time – it saves you money and helps support our coaches and community!

Why The Change? Expand

🌟 Faster Progression: The series-based model allows you to accelerate your learning journey. Each class is thoughtfully crafted to build upon the knowledge gained in the previous one, creating a more seamless path to achieving your goals.

🌟  Community Building: We believe in the power of community! With a consistent cohort of students in each series, you’ll have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and build lasting connections.

🌟 Supportive Coaching: Our dedicated coaches are excited about this shift! The series structure enables them to provide more personalized guidance, ensuring you receive the support you need to excel in every class.

🌟 Offering more Scholarships: While we are dropping our sliding scale pricing, a session model allows us to be more equitable. By knowing expected enrollment ahead of time, a session model allows us to distribute scholarships to students in need while ensuring the long-term sustainability of a class.

What Does This Mean for You? Expand

Empowered Learning: Take control of your educational journey. The series-based model empowers you to chart a clear path towards your goals, with the flexibility to choose the series that aligns best with your interests.

Richer Connections: Forge meaningful connections with your fellow students. As you progress through the series together, you’ll share challenges, victories, and a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the classroom.

Accelerated Growth: Experience the joy of continuous improvement. With each series, you’ll witness your skills and knowledge expanding, propelling you toward your goals at a pace that suits your learning style.

How to Enroll Expand

Before you can enroll, first you must create a profile in Pike13, our registration software: https://wisefool.pike13.com/schedule

Next, purchase a 6-Class Pass for the type of class you would like:

Now you can enroll in class!
Here are several ways that can happen:
  1. Manually enroll yourself for each class date throughout the session
  2. Email our Adult Programs Coordinator your name, the day of the week, and time of the class(es) you want to be bulk-enrolled in: amelia@wisefoolnm.org
  3. If you are having trouble enrolling online, please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than your class start time and staff can help bulk-enroll you in person

It’s Important to note that purchasing a Class Pass does not automatically enroll you in any class! You must enroll yourself in the desired class AFTER purchasing your Class Pass.

Thank you for being a part of the Wise Fool community. Get ready for an exciting new chapter of growth and learning!

Looking forward to seeing you in class,

The Wise Fool Team

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