"Superhuman...pushing the limits of what's physically possible." - Cynthia Archbold, Miami Sun Post

"Among the thousands of acts I've booked and presented since 1997, Wise Fool has to be in the top handful, based on audience satisfaction and presenter experience alike." - Bob Redmond, Arts Program Manager Emeritus, Bumbershoot Festival

Flexion features five acrobats on stilts rolling into backbends, splits and a myriad of sculptural forms which literally stretch one's perception of the human body.

Photo by Dylan PriestStrutting and dancing, suspended and flying, their pincer-like metal legs slice the air as they spin and swim like fencers in a sea, barely missing each other in their fervent exploration of their metal home. Shedding layers of armor, the acrobats slowly transform from superhuman warriors to fragile nymphs balancing high above the audience, hanging precariously from straps, the cage and each other and finally descending to earth.

Photo by Dylan Priest


Flexion is a 20 minute spectacle available for touring and designed for outdoor venues. It can be viewed in a complete 360 and features 5 performers and one live musician (touring party of 8).


For more information about US bookings please visit Elsie Management at http://www.elsieman.org. For International bookings please email or call Wise Fool at (505) 992-2588.

Photo by Kate Russell
Photo by Kate Russell


Flexion premiered at the Carnival Center in January of 2007 as the inaugural performance of their outdoor programming. Flexion was Directed by David Clarkson, Costumes Design by Haydee Morales, Choreography by Ray Sullivan, Light and Set Design by Fernando Calzadilla, and Original Music by Luis Guerra (www.luisguerramusic.com)

One show, two performances as different as day and night...