Community Day

Join Wise Fool for our Community Days! Several days throughout the year to bring our community together in visioning and inspiring change.

Community Days:
Martin Luther King’s Day – January 17, 2022
World Circus Day – April 16, 2022
Indigenous People’s Day – October 10, 2022

World Circus Day

Monday, April 18th
Wise Fool Studio

Let’s celebrate the magic of circus with Juggling & Unicycling, Community and Creativity by filming a fun circus video together! We hope that you’ll join us for this fun community day!

Wise Fool’s Annual Visioning Day

Friday, February 18th
Wise Fool Studio

Let’s gather together as a community for our annual visioning to collectively plan the future of our organization! We’ll also share in a delicious potluck dinner!

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MLK Community Day

Monday, January 17th
Wise Fool Studio Let’s get together as a community to recognize MLK DAY!
We’ll hang out and make puppets. Also, we’re offering our Unicycling & Juggling class, free of charge.
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