Wise Fool Annual Community Days 2022

Community Day

Join Wise Fool for our Community Days! Several days throughout the year to bring our community together in visioning and inspiring change.

Community Days:
Martin Luther King's Day - January 17, 2022
World Circus Day - April 16, 2022
Indigenous People's Day - October 10, 2022

World Circus Day

Monday, April 18th
Wise Fool Studio

Let's celebrate the magic of circus with Juggling & Unicycling, Community and Creativity by filming a fun circus video together! We hope that you'll join us for this fun community day!

Wise Fool's Annual Visioning Day

Friday, February 18th
Wise Fool Studio

Let's gather together as a community for our annual visioning to collectively plan the future of our organization! We'll also share in a delicious potluck dinner!

MLK Community Day

Monday, January 17th
Wise Fool Studio

Let's get together as a community to recognize MLK DAY!
We'll hang out and make puppets. Also, we're offering our Unicycling & Juggling class, free of charge.