Studio Policies

As an organization, Wise Fool is commited to the safety of all who train, teach, create, perform, and play in our Studio. Therefore, we have a strict policy of recording all activity that happens in our Studio through sign-in sheets, agreement forms, waivers, and accident logs. No person, no matter how familiar you are to the company, can train in or attend classes in the studio without observing the following studio policies.

  • All studio users must sign in.
  • All studio users must have a signed waiver on file.
  • No one can train on aerial equipment while alone in the building.
  • This is a drug- and alcohol-free space. Alcohol may be allowed for special event space rentals on a case-by-case basis.
  • Everyone must have an Open Training Agreement to train in the space outside of class time. This means people with Open Training cannot bring in friends to train with them, and people passing through town cannot train without going through the Agreement process. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Everyone must have explicit permission from Wise Fool staff to rig in the studio, and all rigging activity must be recorded on the sign-in sheet. If you don’t hold rigging privileges with Wise Fool and need an apparatus rigged for training or performing, please contact the Studio Manager to arrange the rigging of the apparatus at least one week in advance.
  • All ladders must be put away properly and clipped with a safety wire after use.
  • No glass in the studio or cubbies, including beverage containers.
  • If you witness or have an accident in the studio, fill out a form in the black Studio Log.
  • If teaching a class in the studio, you accept responsibility for all persons in your class. It is your responsibility to have each class participant sign a Studio Waiver and return it to the file next to the studio door BEFORE they use the space.

Studio Etiquette

  • All studio users are responsible for the condition of the studio. This is a community space, so please always leave the studio in better condition then you found it. Please report any maintenance or equipment problems to Wise Fool Staff.
  • Please return equipment and mats to their proper place, sweep and/or mop the floor, do your dishes (and those of your students if teaching), and take all personal belongings with you.
  • Please be especially careful to sweep up rosin so that it doesn't leave black sticky spots on the floor.


Waivers must be filled out completely in order to be valid. Special attention should be paid to the Event Title. If you sign a waiver for Trapeze, that does not cover Acrobatics Class. We recommend that you write “Circus Classes and Open Studio” in order to cover everything except Open Training. Please also pay special attention to the end date – putting the last day of the year is recommended.