Studio Classes


Wise Fool welcomes adults and teens of all ages, genders, fitness and experience levels to join us for ongoing classes in circus arts!

Please note that our class schedule changes from session to session. Disciplines taught throughout the year may include trapeze, lyra, aerial fabric, partner acro, flexibility, juggling, unicycling, handstands, conditioning, and more.

Private lessons are also available in all these disciplines. To schedule a lesson, email

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Please email if you need ASL interpretation or another type of accommodation.

Class Registration

Our classes meet once a week for six weeks. Wise Fool is moving toward a session registration model. That means you will be bulk enrolled for all 6 classes before the session starts. Our classes need a minimum of four students enrolled for the full session (all 6 classes) to remain active on our schedule. Classes that reach the 4-student enrollment minimum will then be able to offer drop-ins, meaning you can join and pay on a class-to-class basis. We highly encourage you to enroll ahead of time- it saves you money and helps our coaches and community!
Class Prices:
Aerial classes (purple classes) are $28 a class, or $132 for a six-week session.
Ground-based classes (green classes) are $22/ drop in and $108 for a six-week session
Winter: January 23 - February 27
Session Dates:
Please scroll down to see the schedule for the current and upcoming sessions.
Winter: January 23 - February 27
Spring: March 14 - April 24
Summer 1: May 1st - June 9th
Summer 2: June 12 - July 21st
Fall 1: July 31st- September 8th
Fall 2: October 10 - November 20
How to enroll in a session:
1. Visit our registration software, Pike13 here. If you do not have a profile create a profile.
2. Purchase a 6 class pass for the type of class you would like (purple or green).
3. Either enroll yourself in each individual class in the session through the calendar or Email the name and time of the classes you want to enroll in and our Adult Programs Coordinator will bulk enroll you.
Refund model:
100% refund prior to first week of class, 50% refund during first week of class, and no refunds or credit after the first week of classes. If there is a class cancellation due to COVID, you will either be offered a make-up class or offered a refund.
Why a session model:

  • *Session models guarantee work for our coaches!*
  • The drop-in model means our coaches have to prepare a class and show up to the studio even if nobody is enrolled. This is a drain on resources for our coaches and community. Knowing we have active and ongoing enrollment keeps our classes robust and healthy.
  • *Session models allow us to be more equitable!*
  • By knowing ahead of time about enrollment in a class, the session model allows us to distribute scholarships to students while ensuring the sustainability of the organization.
  • *Session models encourage community!*
  • Learning new skills is both exciting and scary. Knowing you will be returning to class with a group of familiar faces who are just as excited (and maybe a little scared) as you helps develop meaningful bonds through the experience.
  • *Session models save you money!*
  • you experience a class, we know you’ll want to come back! Most students attend at least 4 out of the 6 classes in a session. Paying the drop-in rate for each individual class is more expensive than bulk enrollment.
    As we move away from a sense of urgency as an organization, the session model allows us to be more forward thinking and less reactive.


Adult Class Schedule

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Questions? Email Amelia at or call (845) 901-2251.

We are not currently able to offer scholarships at this time. If you are interested in learning more about our work trade program, please contact: Thank you!

Private Lessons

Focused, One-on-one Coaching!

We are offering Private Lessons with our amazing and talented coaches. We offer lessons in Aerial Fabric, Trapeze, Lyra, Flexibility, and Handstands. You can do a group private or have your coach all to yourself. Some of our coaches also offer lessons over Zoom! If you are interested in learning through one-on-one coaching please reach out to to learn more or schedule a lesson!

Open Training

Students who have taken a minimum of two sessions of classes with Wise Fool or who have previous circus experience may be considered for Open Training Privileges. This enables folks to train in the studio during unscheduled times. To find out more or to sign up, email

Class Details

Learn more about our circus arts classes below by clicking on the class title (listed alphabetically). These include a guide to levels. Please note that classes available varies from session to session. See schedule above for current offerings. We hope to see you soon!