Wise Fool began the CircAspire program in 2015 to create an opportunity for our pre-professional adult and youth students to level up their performance skills and experience, moving from cabaret-style or kids only shows to a full length production with professional direction and technical production team.

CircAspire 2022

In-Studio Performance
Friday June 3 at 7pm, Sat June 4 at 2 and 7pm, Sunday June 5 at 4pm

Auditions to be apart of the 2022 CircAspire Performance are open!

Past CircAspire Shows

CircAspire 2016: BitterSweet

Directed by Amy Christian and Sarah Jane Moody 

Do you like your pie sweet or savory? This becomes a fundamental question in the topsy turvy world of CircAspire where we all need to be keeping a close eye on the encroaching vines of the neighbors flowers… or do we? Unicyclers patrol borders, walls are built by fear, clowns discover hidden truths, and teens build human bridges of solidarity that inspire us to… bake pies! Music Production by Ginger Dunnill


CircAspire 2015: The Circus of Lost Dreams

Wise Fool's Cirque Aspire 2015

Directed by Apollo Garcia with Ilana Blankman

Music Direction by Tara Khozein


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