Event Entertainment

"Wise Fool New Mexico are a supremely unique, artistic, and talented group of professional performers that are sure to wow your audience. They provided an evening of awe-inspiring acrobatics, stilt-walking, juggling and tumbling in beautifully crafted costumes that blew our attendees away." -Andrew S. Wolf, Senior Professional Development & Meetings Coordinator, AHDI / MTIA

"I highly recommend Wise Fool for any event that dares to go beyond the conventional and step into the realm of extraordinary." -Andrew S. Wolf, Senior Professional Development & Meetings Coordinator, AHDI / MTIA

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Stilt Characters

Let Wise Fool bring our eclectic touch of color to your event with our award-winning visuals and internationally celebrated performers.

Wise Fool Event Entertainment is the for-hire branch of the non-profit performing arts organization Wise Fool New Mexico. We offer giant puppets and stilt walkers, original hands-on workshops for adults and children, interactive circus-style event entertainment, site- and event-specific spectacles, and more!

Due to current circumstances, performance inquiries will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please know that we are not offering full productions currently. However, we will be hosting several online cabarets throughout the year.

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming Spring cabaret!

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Ambient Entertainment

Ambient Entertainment

Wise Fool can bring your event to life with our award-winning visuals on stilts and in our famous giant puppets.

Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshops

Wise Fool is as equally known for our workshop curriculum as we are for our performances. Wise Fool can lead workshops for both children and adults in the following skills: giant puppet making, stilt walking, giant mural projects, physical theater, clowning, and a variety of other workshops that combine many art forms to give the participants a new and powerful voice.

Skill Based Acts

photo by Kate Russell

Here are sample acts that Wise Fool can produce for your event. These acts sometimes require rigging and ground space specifications and are priced by the act or by the overall show.

Free Standing Aerial Swingset Rig

Freestanding Aerial Swingset Rig

Our smaller, free-standing aerial swingset rig travels and sets up easily almost anywhere by four people with no extra equipment, solving rigging limitations in both indoor and outdoor venues.

Free Standing Truss

Free Standing Truss

Our stunning, custom built, free-standing aerial truss travels with us making a visual statement while solving rigging limitations in both indoor and outdoor venues. This truss system allows for a myriad of aerial and theatrical performance options and requires lift equipment and 6 person crew to load in and out of venue.

Full Length Productions

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Wise Fool can bring to you an existing show, or we can create a show to suit your needs, tastes, and specifications. In these productions, we combine physical, musical and visual artistry to amaze and impress audiences world wide.