Wise Fool People



Alanna Herrera

Executive Director


Kristen Woods

Youth Studio Coordinator and Studio Manager


Oriana Lee

Education and Outreach Director


Alishiya Kapoor

Youth Outreach and Event Entertainment Coordinator


Alliyah Noor

Development Director

Clare la France-85-X3

Clara LaFrance

Adult Studio Coordinator


Barbara Tullman-Malisow


Artists and Coaches

Wise Fool - IMG_8989

Amy Christian

Artistic Director Emeritus & Master Coach

Colleen basing two high

Colleen McKeown

Circus Luminous at the Lensic Theater Open Dress Rehearsal

Alessandra Ogren

Heather Muntean - Heather Fans

Heather Muntean

Wise Fool - ilana avec phone

Ilana Blankman

Master Coach

Wise Fool - Circus Luminous

David Nieto


Lisa Smith

Wise Fool - Circus Luminous

Dawn Furlong

photo by Kate Russell

Ousmane Sylla

Elise Southwick - headshotcolor

Elise Southwick

Tamara 'Amy' Bertucci Nieto - image (1)

Amy Bertucci Nieto

Lisa  Kadel - trapeze photo

Lisa Kadel

Sarah-Jane Moody - IMG_5988

Sarah-Jane Moody

Fa and Dogs Hiking

Fantina Becker

Alexandra Diaz - Alexandra Diaz

Alexandra Diaz

Jasmine Quinsier - clown01 (1)

Jasmine Quinsier


Nikesha Breeze

Wise Fool - CircAspire 2016

Zeke Farrell

Freyr Art

Freyr A. Marie

Board of Directors

Robert Horwitz- Guiding Officer

A resident of New Mexico since his “formative years” and retired since 2010, Bob fills his life with Wise Fool acrobatics and attempts at aerial straps as well as grant writing and project management for several local non-profits.  He joined the Wise Fool community in 2016 when he attended Elevate and has been hooked ever since.  His goal for his time on the Board is to expand community awareness, knowledge, and support of Wise Fool to make sure the organization is around for many years to come.

Aidan White- Secretary

Aidan White is a Project Coordinator and Business Administrator who specializes in supporting teams of professionals managing complex operations and special projects. With seven years of experience in administration, she believes that compassionate collaboration, imagination, and determination applied to any task can accomplish great things. 

Aidan has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of organizations during her career. She is an enthusiastic advocate for her hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico and enjoys exploring its many treasures with her family. Aidan’s great loves include Science Fiction novels, internet ephemera, and mythology. She is fascinated by sustainable design and how it’s principles can be applied to the physical world as well as human systems. 

Aidan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from The University of New Mexico, an Associate Degree in Graphic and Interactive Design from Santa Fe Community College, and a Certification in Permaculture Design from the Permaculture Institute. 

kate-marcoKate Marco

After more than two decades in Taos, Kate set out for the New World and in 2001 moved to Santa Fe.  Kate fills her time with Tai Chi, writing, cycling, cooking, travel, nutritional counseling, three children, six grandchildren and of course, Wise Fool New Mexico.

Ceyhan Haksal

A graduate of Santa Fe High School and St. John's College Santa Fe, Ceyhan went on to produce the (Off the Plaza) Jazz and Blues series in 2013 and 2014, is currently the production manager of the Music on The Hill series, and teaches Special Education Mathematics at Capital High School in Santa Fe. Ceyhan hopes to work towards strengthening the bonds between arts, culture, education, and community in Santa Fe, in New Mexico, nationally, and internationally.

Dee Anaya

D Anaya is an interdisciplinary artist, using her art as her outlet in grief. Her work is continuous and taking on new forms every day.

D arrived at Wise Fool through the BUST! program in 2014, and since has stayed on creating characters such as Queenie(the clown).

Passionate about helping bereaved parents (and human kind in general really) through various artistic mediums be it performance or visual arts.

D is excited to be in the team and is looking forward to continuing to build relationships with surrounding communities through Circus Arts!

 Roger Schwarz

Roger J Schwarz was born and raised in New York City. He earned a BA in Psychology and Russian History and later acquired a JD and was admitted to the New York Bar. He specialized in criminal defense, and represented many people who lacked funds to hire private lawyers. He relocated to Santa Fe in 2017, where he enjoys film, ballet, hiking and cooking. He became a member of the New Mexico Bar in 2018, and continues to represent mainly poor people in criminal cases. He enjoys meaningful involvement in the Santa Fe local community and sees his affinity for the art, skill and social commitment of the Wise Fool NM Circus as a natural extension of his commitment to social causes and excellence in the performing arts.

AJ Goldman

Bio coming soon.