I am a WiseFoolian

Welcome to #IAmAWiseFoolian - a collection of personal stories from folks in our community who have been touched, supported, and inspired by Wise Fool to embrace their extra-ordinary selves! 

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Fantina Becker

Wise Fool - Circus Luminous 2016

Miles Jackson

Circus Luminous at the Lensic

Indi McCasey


Lisa Kadel

Lisa K

Kim Griffin

Circus Luminous at the Lensic

Jacks McNamara


Meek Watchman


Danielle Romero


Deirdre Africa


Erin McMullin


Ian MacGillivray and Fiona

Circus Luminous at the Lensic

Rulan Tangen and Dancing Earth

Rulan DE w:words (8)