Come see traveling performers, Ariel Schmidtke and Esther de Monteflores, perform alongside three fabulous local women. Five different performances will be featured in the entire show!

Saturday, June 10th at 8 PM, doors open at 7:30 PM

Wise Fool New Mexico Studio, tickets by donation


A Length of Rope Tour – A 501(c)(3) non-profit tour sponsored by Anchorage Community Works. This tour will circle the United States offering donation based performances and workshops across the country.

The show explores the significant choices we come to in life, with a rope and trapeze suspended on opposing sides of each intersection. These two circus apparatuses represent the struggle of choosing between different directions—be it a choice of place, identity, friendship, or love. There is no fourth wall in this show, spectators can see Schmidtke’s hands tremble from physical exhaustion and some portions are performed among the audience members. The show invites spectators to project their own choices on the performance and explore for themselves their lost possibilities. 

Esther de Monteflores will be joining Schmidtke in New Mexico to present her newest show Tiny Cities.


Tiny Cities –  A 30-minute contemporary circus show featuring bread-filled wine glasses, cardboard-box juggling, life-sized pigeons, live costume changes and wire walking. An absurd and whimsical celebration of Columbia Livia, the common pigeon. Perched on a power line, windowsill or park bench, the pigeon is the wilderness in our cities, inviting us to change our perspective and see our homes in a new light.

The slackwire set-up forms the stage for Tiny Cities and evokes one of the most ubiquitous features of the urban landscape. Power lines. This show reinterprets the landscape that it is presented in, injecting the city with magic and possibility. Glancing overhead to see a pigeon sitting on a power line will never be the same again.


The Local Trio

Susie Perkins, ‘The Lost Marbles’

Last year I came down with a fever that triggered my mind to “trip” for an extended period after. This piece theatricalizes select images and characters that came to me during that time.

Jasmine Quinsier,  ‘A Gift from the Sea’

Santa Fe native and performer at heart, Jasmine delves into beautiful creativity with a community of wonderful talent in Northern New Mexico. She smiles a lot because life is brilliant!

Kara Duval, ‘Sunshine’

‘Sunshine’ is a coming of blood tale, in parts and moans.

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