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2023 Fall Cabaret (Deep Sea) - Facebook Cover

This September, join Wise Fool performers, coaches and students for a playful, family friendly evening of deep sea themed circus arts and acrobatic feats of oceanic proportions during our annual Fall Cabaret. You won’t want to miss this sparkling, aquatic themed, variety show featuring a variety of artists and disciplines. We hope to see you there!

All ticket sales support Wise Fool's programming for youth and adults in our studio, in the public schools, and beyond!

WHEN: Saturday, September 23rd @ 2pm and 6pm

WHERE: Wise Fool 1131 Siler Rd B, Santa Fe, NM 87507

TICKETS: $15-$10 (Pre-sale for Adults), $5 for youth; $20 at the door on day of show.
No one turned away for lack of funds.

Agile Rascal Bike Theatre

Wise Fool is excited to host the traveling theatre company, Agile Rascal Bike Theatre, on Friday, October 13.

This is a family-friend donation-based show.

Chai Chai - Toured on Bicycle by Agile Rascal Theatre

For our fourth tour, Agile Rascal will be starting out at the Peñasco Theatre Collective, where we’ll spend two weeks, in residence, putting together our latest production.

Then we’ll strap our costumes, puppets, props and instruments onto our bikes and pedal over 400 miles (climbing over 21,000 feet!!) to bring this new play to towns across Northern New Mexico, in partnership with arts and cycling organizations across the region–all for free!


About The Play: Chai Chai

At the intersection of "this way" and "that way," a Giant sits at a Chai Stall, a Matchmaker wonders if she is losing her touch, and a very quiet character suddenly has a lot to say.

Guided by a mythical chorus of fly elders, Chai Chai is a play about remembrance, memory, and what happens when we begin to forget.


Show Time at Wise Fool

Friday, October 13 at 7:00 pm

This is a donation-based show, with no tickets being sold. Show up early to grab a seat!


New Mexico Tour Dates

Agile Rascal will be touring in several other locations! You can find out more about our other tour dates on our website:


About Agile Rascal


Agile Rascal is a theatre company that intersects the arts and cycling.

Our mission is to make innovative theater accessible, promote cycling as a viable means of transportation, inspire reverence for our natural landscape and foster creative connections between artists, activists and cyclists.



We believe that art should be smart and funny, strange and lovely, and that it should be unstuffy, free, and inviting to all people.

We aim to create shows that explore the many connections between our beliefs and values and the natural world that we are a part of.

By touring on bicycle and creating from used materials, we challenge ourselves to imagine new and deeper connections to the earth, including the creatures and people who live on it.

We work to build a community that: does a lot with a little, minimizes our impact on the land, works collaboratively, shares decision-making and responsibilities, and values different backgrounds, experiences, bodies, and abilities.



Founded by Artistic Director, Dara Silverman, in 2014, Agile Rascal Theatre began as an impulsive and ambitious dream to bike a play across the country. Dara made that dream a reality in 2015, along with six other brave and scrappy artists, performing our first devised play, Sunlight On The Brink, in libraries, parks, parking lots, and bike shops in big cities and small towns across the United States.

That was bonkers. Learning from that inaugural tour, we reassessed and recommitted, not only to the sustainability of our travel, but to the sustainability of our company and the lasting impact we can have on the communities we travel through. With all of this in mind, we started focusing on specific regions and states to tour in. We cast the net wide to gather artist-athletes for our adventures, building a company of passionate and talented artistic velo-nomads from across the nation.

We intend to continue making wildly inventive, musical and funny plays for all ages and always by donation.



Land Acknowledgement

We, the artists of Agile Rascal, acknowledge that we are uninvited guests, traveling through the unceded lands of Turtle Island (North America).

As a bicycle-touring theatre company, we move freely through a landscape fraught with the histories of the forced removal and genocide of Indigenous people.

We acknowledge that the names that we’ve learned for the places we come from and tour through are colonial names.

Despite our disparate histories, we acknowledge that we are all products of ongoing colonization.

We acknowledge that this website was created and is maintained by technologies that leave a significant carbon footprint and contribute to changes in the climate that disproportionately affect indigenous people worldwide.

Get Connected

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Accessible Juggling Workshop with Ian Slater – 9/02 at 11am

We are very excited to host guest instructor Ian Slater, who is visiting from Chicago, for an accessible juggling workshop!


Workshop Date

Wise Fool New Mexico
September 2, 2023 - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Have you ever wanted to juggle, but you've been intimidated or thought it was too challenging? Think again!

Juggling is for everyone, and there are so many different styles; all you need is a little time and dedication, and you'll find yourself manipulating circus props in no time. In a one hour exploration, Ian will take you through the basics of prop manipulation, from scarves and ribbons to balls and rings (perhaps more if time allows!)

This workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Workshop 2023 - Ian Slater
Ian R. Q. Slater Headshot

About Ian

Ian R. Q. Slater (they/she) is a Chicago based actor, musician, juggler, and dialect coach. They hold a BFA in acting from the Chicago College of Performing Arts.

Ian has been onstage since she was 6 years old, and got her start in the circus in 2018 with CircEsteem, Chicago's Non-Profit Social Circus.

Ian is passionate about social justice, storytelling, and new experiences.


Follow Ian on:

Wise Fool Needs Your Help!

Wise Fool has been able to navigate through the pandemic well; these were rough times. But today, we are facing challenges we have not anticipated. We need your help!
This year we have been increasing our programs for youth and adults; our camps and afterschool programs have been full; and we created an amazing production, ReUnite! All these efforts have been a fantastic team effort, but unfortunately, we are not reaping the financial benefits from all we have done. One reason is that we want to offer affordable programs. Overall our youth programs aim to reach 76% economically disadvantaged, 80% BIPOC (Hispanic & Native American), and 13% disabled youth. For example, in 2022, we offered $27,287 worth of free programming and provided $9,806 in scholarships that enabled access to 34 youth to our programs.
Another reason is that we have unprecedented staffing shortages. We have lost 50% of our core coaching staff since the pandemic began.
Now more than ever, we need your help!
To help us reach our $50,000 goal, you can:
  • Donate even $5 to this campaign.
  • Become a sustaining donor and donate just $5 every month, which is only $60 per year. Sign up here.
  • Buy tickets for our upcoming ReUnite performance at Popejoy Hall on September 2 at 2pm and 6pm– Consider buying Gold Level tickets to support our organization. Use Earlybird10 for $10 off through August 15.
  • Buy tickets for our upcoming Fall Cabaret, and consider making an additional donation with your purchase.
  • Buy tickets to attend a fundraiser show we are hosting this weekend - Wise Fool and The Caravan Present: A Night of UNITY and HOPE
  • Hire Wise Fool to perform at your private events and recommend us to perform at your business function. We can make your event unforgettable!
How did this happen? We've increased coach’s pay to match the cost of living in Santa Fe, offered paid time off as well as shifted our sick leave policies. We want our coaches to have full time work at Wise Fool with benefits, trainings and a meaningful work space. This was necessary for the success of the organization, as well as staff retention. However, this has had an impact on our finances. These funds will help Wise Fool to stay afloat in a time where we are navigating staffing shortages, increased scholarship needs, increased wages in order to act in alignment with our values, and overall what a future of financial sustainability looks like post pandemic. We need the support of our community in order to make it through this time.
We extend our puppet arms for your support!
Wise Fool is a non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.