An Invitation into Solidarity with India

Hey Wise Fool Community,

I am sharing this with support from Wise Fool and the other Co-executive Directors. It is Wise Fool’s mission to uplift the needs in our community and engage with the world with the lens of social justice.

If we haven’t met before, my name is Alishiya Kapoor, an Indian-American living in Santa fe for the past four years and a Co-executive Director at Wise Fool. I’m reaching out to invite you into solidarity with India. If you have ever benefited from the culture, traditions, resources of India (used turmeric, drank chai!), I invite you into action during India's COVID Crisis.

What I’ve learned from being here is that Santa Fe is known as a space for healing and wellness. Many of these wellness spaces are focused on yoga, ayurveda practices, meditation and other modalities that are rooted in the indigenous teachings of South Asia, founded and professionalized by black and brown people. Yoga, at its heart, is collective liberation. As Susanna Barkataki states in her book Embrace Yoga Roots: “When you practice yoga ethics, you make a strong commitment for love, for peace, for justice and for care of ourselves, each other, all beings and the world.”

How are you supporting India during the current COVID Humanitarian crisis? There are 320,000 new cases a day with close to 200,000 deaths and counting.

This is a call to action:

  • Donate
  • Use your platform to share information about what is going on
  • Consider ways of centering South Asian voices and teachings when engaging with the culture, traditions and resources of India
  • Please reach out if you need suggestions on where to start this journey
  • Call your Legislators
  • Write to your representatives urging for aid to be sent to India as well as vaccine support Find your Legislator here:

    I hope you are willing to engage in this conversation in the spirit of yoga- integrity, honesty, ahimsa (accountability) and satya (truth-telling).

    You can find more info on this issue, including places to donate, IG accounts to follow and other ways to participate: