Special Workshops

Amazing teachers from all over the country and the world stop by Wise Fool to share their expertise. We will announce special workshops here as they happen. Or, get a notification right to your email inbox by signing up for our monthly email newsletter!

All Ages Tumbling, Rolla Bolla & Acro Workshops with Visiting Teacher!


Wise Fool is thrilled to be hosting Oriana Doria-Quesada, whose extensive training in Chinese Acrobatics brings a whole new skill-set to our studio. Check out the offerings below, or schedule a private with her in tumbling, handstands, partner acro or rola bola!

Workshops are $25 each or 3 for $60!! All ages workshops are ages 7 +.

Thursday, January 4th
  • 4 to 6pm:  Rola Bola, Walking Globe and Hat Juggling. All ages, all levels!
  • 6:15 to 8:15pm: Handstands All Ages, intermediate/advanced
Friday January 5th
  • 6 to 8pm - Partner acrobatics for Adults and Teens (12+), for folks who have taken one session of partner acro
Saturday January 6th
  • 12 to 2pm - Tumbling All Ages, all levels
Sunday January 7th
  • 10am - 12pm - Rola Bola, Walking Globe and Hat Juggling. All ages, for folks with some previous experience in any of the disciplines.
  • 2 to 4pm - Tumbling, all ages, all levels

Devising Performance from the Inside Out

with Deirdre Morris, MFA

Sundays 1/14 - 2/18; 12:30 - 3:30

In this workshop students will utilize a personal story as the basis for a ‘script: a composition built out of physical, textual and vocal explorations’, to develop a solo performance, to be presented in a public presentation the weekend of the last class.


Students will learn theatrical, movement and improvisational techniques to build your performative tool box and discover what techniques work best for you to tell your story. You will also learn how to give and receive feedback to assist in building a performance that feels authentic and effective.


This class is designed for those with some previous performance experience. That experience can be in theater, dance, performance art, circus, poetry jams, musical shows, or as a public figure, teacher or another area of work or art that is performative in nature. Please be in touch to discuss this if you have a question if the level or pace of the class is right for you.


For more information or to register, contact Deirdre at deirdre@theforgottenbody.com  or (505) 670-2659.

WISE FOOL is proud to host two highly acclaimed Nimble Arts Aerial Teacher Trainings in 2018!

Jan 5-9: Intro to Teaching Aerials with Nimble Arts

Required First Step in the Nimble Arts Teacher Training Series

This 34-hour introduction to teaching skill progressions for beginning tricks on trapeze and aerial fabric also includes segments on learning styles, spotting techniques, injury prevention, basic rigging concepts, equipment maintenance, and class management skills. Note: This workshop is required for application to the Nimble Arts™ Certification Course.

This workshop is designed for those interested in learning to teach children and adults at summer camps, schools, gymnastics programs, or circus schools.

PREREQUISITES: All students are expected to prepare by successfully completing the elements in the required Nimble Arts™ DVD: Aerial Fabric: Beginning Level 1 prior to the start of the workshop. Trapeze experience is not necessary but it will make your journey easier. Age: Adult 16+

Course fee $950

To register https://wisefool.pike13.com/courses/160518

for more info email amy@wisefoolnm.org


January 10-11: Foundation Level Nimble Arts Teacher Training in Aerial Fabric

PREREQUISITE: Introduction to Teaching Aerials workshop.

This course will guide you though the curriculum created by Nimble Arts to provide clear and effective progressions and spotting techniques for beginner aerial fabric students. We'll discuss how to work with students in special demographics such as kids and older students; techniques for introducing choreography into classes; and identifying body mechanics to trouble shoot skills and progress students to the next level.

PREREQUISITE: Introduction to Teaching Aerials workshop.
Be comfortable executing, without prompting, skills from DVD "Aerial Fabric Beginning Level 2" including cross back straddle, and be comfortable inverting off the ground. Note that participants who do not meet the required experience level will be asked to sit out the workshop and will not be refunded. Exceptions to this skill level requirement can be made for teachers with physical limitations that do not hinder their ability to be competent teachers AND spotters at the Foundation level. (For example: someone in a foot cast with previous experience who can still spot and execute some skills, or someone with a shoulder injury who academically knows the skills required and are comfortable spotting.)

All students are expected to prepare by successfully completing the elements in the required Nimble Arts™ DVD: Aerial Fabric: Beginning Level 2 prior to the start of the workshop.

Course fee $395

To register https://wisefool.pike13.com/courses/160519

for more info email amy@wisefoolnm.org