Wise Fool People


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Amy Christian

Artistic Director


Alanna Herrera

Youth Outreach Coordinator

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Carol Schrader

Managing Director


Alishiya Kapoor

Office Manager, Event Coordinator & Teaching Artist

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Ilana Blankman

Programs Director


Barbara Tullman-Malisow


Artists and Instructors

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Deirdre Africa


Ember Bria

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Dawn Furlong

Colleen basing two high

Colleen McKeown

Wise Fool - Circus Luminous

David Nieto

photo by Kate Russell

Ousmane Sylla

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Amy Bertucci Nieto

Wise Fool - Circus Luminous

N’faly Derame

Lisa  Kadel - trapeze photo

Lisa Kadel

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Sarah-Jane Moody

Circus Luminous at the Lensic Theater Open Dress Rehearsal

Alessandra Ogren

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Elise Southwick

Fa and Dogs Hiking

Fantina Becker

Alexandra Diaz - Alexandra Diaz

Alexandra Diaz

Wise Fool - CircAspire 2016

Oriana Lee

Deirdre Morris

Deirdre Morris

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Jasmine Quinsier


Nikesha Breeze

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Zeke Farrell

Freyr Art

Freyr A. Marie

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Heather Muntean


Lisa Smith

Board of Directors

kate-marcoKate Marco—Guiding Officer

After more than two decades in Taos, Kate set out for the New World and in 2001 moved to Santa Fe.  Kate fills her time with Tai Chi, writing, cycling, cooking, travel, nutritional counseling, three children, six grandchildren and of course, Wise Fool New Mexico.

Katy Pro Head ShotKaty Medley—Secretary

As Managing Director of Wise Fool in 2008-2012 and Interim MD in 2013-14, Katy led the rapidly growing company in creating sustainable admin, fundraising, and financial systems that support our mission and programs. Katy now works as an Independent Non-Profit Consultant and Outdoor Educator, and spends her spare time reading, getting fired up about social issues, and exploring the high desert mountains. Katy holds a Masters Degree in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Officer Photos 2010 - Todd Young 009Ian MacGillivray—Treasurer

Ian MacGillivray is a native of Santa Fe with 20 years’ experience in the banking and mortgage industry.  Currently working for Pioneer Bank as the head of mortgage lending, Ian enjoys helping people realize their homeownership dreams.  His passions include spending tons of time with his daughter Fiona.  At present, Ian and Fiona’s favorite activity is hanging out at the Wise Fool studio working on their circus skills.

Ceyhan Haksal

A graduate of Santa Fe High School and St. John's College Santa Fe, Ceyhan went on to produce the (Off the Plaza) Jazz and Blues series in 2013 and 2014, is currently the production manager of the Music on The Hill series, and teaches Special Education Mathematics at Capital High School in Santa Fe. Ceyhan hopes to work towards strengthening the bonds between arts, culture, education, and community in Santa Fe, in New Mexico, nationally, and internationally.

Alanna Herrera

Alanna Herrera is a community organizer, educator, and administrator with cultural and creative organizations. Her passion is to inspire curiosity and critical thinking in people through the arts and beyond. As a strong, strange, and creative individual, she naturally gravitated toward the Wise Fool community and is now a committed student, supporter, and board member. She is currently the Curator of Education and Engagement at the Center for Contemporary Arts, as well as the Co-founder and Director of Place Projects. She holds a Master of Science in Education from Bank Street College of Education.

Cecile LipworthCecile Lipworth

With 14 years experience at V-Day, a global art-based non-profit, Cecile knows the power of art to transform lives.  Her three-decade long career has been creative-focused marketing: building global movements and campaigns; creating and producing innovative events, festivals and theatrical performances; and fostering mentorship and strategic collaborations with social justice grassroots activists and philanthropists.  Skilled at the balancing act of life, Cecile's excited to join the Wise Fool Circus and be a supportive team member to the staff and community.


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Michael Naiman

After a career in finance in New York and Tokyo, Michael left the Wall Street circus, moved to Santa Fe and joined the real circus with Wise Fool New Mexico. He discovered circus at Wise Fool’s “Elevate” boot camp and began seriously training partner acrobatics two years ago.

Tina photoTina Sanchez

Tina Sanchez has served on the Wise Fool board for eight years, including several years as board president and has participated in Wise Fool programs such as BUST in 2007 and 2016. Tina received a Masters in Social Work from NMHU and holds current licensure as an LISW. She has worked with youth and adults who have experienced homelessness, domestic violence, incarceration, mental illness and substance abuse. She now brings her 20+ years of work in Social Services and experience in policy development, quality coordination, and national accreditation to Wise Fool’s program evaluation and the national Weikart study.  

Christine Siegrist

 Originally from south of New Orleans, Christine Siegrist has resided in New Mexico for 14 years, working in the counseling and mediation fields. With a lifelong passion for performance, creative expression, and generalized silliness, Christine is a dedicated Wise Fool student. When she's not lounging about on a trapeze at the studio or getting hopelessly tangled in fabric while airborne, she can be found hiking with her boxer dogs, assisting with local campaigns and action groups, or in a yoga class. 

Advisory Council

Susy Alfaro

Susy joined the Wise Fool board after participating in BUST 2015 and volunteering to create videos for Wise Fool's Capacity Campaign. Her background is in photography, film and advertising and is passionate about performance arts. She hails from Costa Rica and Ireland.   

Jamelyn Ebelacker

Jamelyn Ebelacker is an enrolled member of Santa Clara Pueblo, and currently serves as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Eastern Caribbean. She graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts in 2015 with a degree in New Media Arts after helping to reestablish the institute's Indigenous Performing Arts Program. Jamelyn can be found anywhere there is a cause worth fighting for and an amazing community to stand beside. Proud to be a Wisefoolian!